About Me, My Story & Career

Hello, My name is Dennis Stott.  I’m a full-time Artist based in beautiful Utah Valley.

Vivid, colorful, dynamic oil paintings, drawings and computer art comprise this candy for the eye portfolio.

My story

The young boy crept tentatively into the forbidden, dark, musty upstairs room. As his eyes adjusted to the filtered light drifting through old shuttered windows, he spied an ancient, well cared for roll top desk. The upper latch was unlocked, rolling up easily and revealing a clean interior. Cubby holes, stacked and shaped for items used by tidy, organized people, were built into its design. All was seemingly cleared away but for the past's musty odor. Just before closing the desk, the boy glimpsed the corner of a paper rolled into one elongated shelf. Pulling it out and carefully unrolling it, a treasure was revealed. Although he had often seen art photos, this was the real object. A drawing, lovingly contoured, expertly shaded with blacks and grays, was laid before the eyes of the boy for the first time. Like some virus of a different source, this thing called Art began to spread through his soul.

Honors & Award Mormon Art Festival - BYU Salt Palace Invitational - SLC, Utah, Butte College Fine Arts, Calif. State University Chico, Orland Calif. Annual, Kingsley Annual - Sacramento, CA Best of show at Utah County fair & Utah State fair 2023

Illustrated and Designed For: YESCO,  SupergrafX, Instant Sign, Nevada Blue Ltd., Bona Signs, Moana Nursery,  Ensign Magazine, Nevada Museum of Art,  BYU Sign Dept., Double R Properties, Cassaza Architects